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                                                 Christmas Present for Bramley Line (30/12/13)

A former British Railways Box Van body, kindly donated to the Bramley Line Heritage Railway Trust by Antingham Parish Council in Norfolk, was delivered to the Trust’s centre at Waldersea Yard on 30th December 2013. The 60 year old box van, which will be used for storage, was originally based at March and probably ran on the Bramley Line and into Waldersea goods yard during its operational life.

Work has started on restoring the body work of the former Great Eastern Railway brake coach and extending the first siding so that further rolling stock can be accommodated at the centre. The Swindon built Esso petrol tanker delivered in September is waiting restoration to its original state.

Trust [Chairman Simon King] commented, “we are very excited by these developments. A lot of hard work has been put in by our volunteers over the past 12 months and real progress is now being made. New project plans are being developed and other administrative arrangements being put in place to ensure that the organisation is placed on a sound basis for operating as a heritage railway in the future.”

Trust Chairman Simon King added; “we have a unique railway heritage in this part of the Fens which we believe is part of the future of the branch. We would like to hear from anyone who has photos or other memorabilia connected with the March and Wisbech to Kings Lynn branch.


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