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The current BLHR was formed in 2010 with the aim to try and have the line re-opened and run heritage trains between Wisbech and March.  Network Rail granted permission for the group to set up a base at the old Waldersea Yard sidings site and have access to the full length of the line.  Since then members have come and gone but the aim remains the same, to have the line re-opened and run trains.  We have also been collating information and photos of the line so we can pass on the history to others, we are also looking to open a museum everyone to visit.

At this time we have a core of members working hard to clear the route from Waldersea to Coldham giving the line the first live mile to run light traffic.


It all began back in 1846

The line runs between the railway town of March and the Market town of Wisbech at the very edge of Cambridgeshire.  Originally the line started at March Station and was connected to the mainline, this is no longer the case.  On leaving March the line passed under Norwood Road bridge then curved to the right at Whitemoor Junction.


It still goes on to the Elm Road, B1101, barrier crossing and heads to the Twenty Foot river where it crosses at chain bridge (2314), then the next barrier crossing again on the B1101. From there the line crosses open farm land to Coldham.  This is where there used to be a two platform station, one on the Up line and one on the Down line, either side of the station road crossing gates.  There was also a signal box and a station masters house, also a small goods yard on the right hand side off the Up line.


The line carries on approximately north, north east towards our Waldersea Yard on Long Drove.  This used to be a very busy shipping point for produce from the surrounding area which was then transported throughout the country.


The line exits the yard via the Long Drove gate crossing heading towards the Redmoor Lane barrier crossing and then further on towards Wisbech where the A47 now cuts the line in two.  The line then heads into Wisbech crossing over New Bridge Lane and Weasenham Lane where there was a junction.  To the left the line curves North to where Purina Pet foods now stands on the site where the Wisbech goods yard once stood.


The right hand curve headed to Wisbech station and the upwell tram station area and on to Kings Lynn with a number of stops on route.


Waldersea Depot, Long Drove, Friday Bridge, Wisbech PE14 0NP, UK

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